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Morning Sermon Series

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey wrote the following, with respect to Genesis:  “The Bible begins with the sweeping declaration, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’  That declaration draws us back to the beginning of time, of the universe, and of the Scriptures.  It affirms the eternality and absolute sovereignty of God.  It evokes the faith and worship of God’s people.  It contrasts biblical religion with many false teachings, among them that there are many gods, that matter is eternal, or that the world evolved without design or designer.  Beginnings are important, and if we want to understand the teaching of the Bible as whole, it is vital to understand what it teaches about creation.”  Genesis is foundational to understanding our beginning, our purpose, our plight and our destiny.  Genesis commences the grand narrative of the history of the Triune God creating a people to rule, reign and rest with Him forever.  It records the great rebellion and fall from this glorious creation and intention, followed by the promises and plan to redeem, rescue, restore and renew a people to live in perfect peace, purity and unity with God forever.  We hope and pray that this series will be used by the Lord to grow us in His grace, increasing our faith, hope and love.

Evening Sermon Series

During the evening series we are going through the Heidelberg Catechism.  Dr. W. Robert Godfrey says, “From the beginning in 1563 the Catechism was appointed not only for the instruction of the young, but also to be preached regularly in the churches. The preaching of the Catechism has remained important in the churches that treasure the Catechism. The profound insights and summaries of doctrine found in the Catechism continue to build the faithful up in the truth, generation after generation.

Philip Schaff, the great German Reformed church historian, offered high praise for the Heidelberg Catechism when he wrote: “It combines Calvin’s strength and depth without his severity, Melanchthon’s cordiality and warmth without his indecision, Zwingli’s simplicity and clearness without his cool sobriety and aversion to the mystics.” The strengths of the Catechism remain needed by the church today more than ever. In an age that is often opposed to theology, the Heidelberg Catechism a clear, warm, attractive presentation of the great truths of the Reformation, which are the great truths of the Gospel.”

Here is some interesting history about this beautiful catechism.

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