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Morning Sermon Series

We are examining The Book of Revelation. Dr. W. Robert Godfrey wrote, “The Book of Revelation has fascinated Christians over many centuries. It has inspired thorough study, good spiritual counsel, and an immense amount of silliness. Too often Christians have come to the Revelation with a whole list of questions they immediately want answered. What or who is 666? Who is the beast? What is the 1,000 years described in Revelation 20? These questions and many more are important and fascinating. But in order to answer them correctly we must understand the basic character and meaning of the book as a whole.”

Manifestly it is a revelation by Jesus about himself. The book is meant to be read, heard, and heeded by the churches throughout every age in every place. The risen king says that this book is meant to provide a blessing (7 blessings throughout the book) to his people. We pray that exploring this revelation together that our love for Christ, His Gospel, His Church, and His People will grow. In addition, we pray that we will be better equipped to face the trials, tribulations, and persecutions of this present evil age with faith, perseverance, and hope. Finally, we hope that it will help us to be able to understand the age in which we live and love and serve our neighbors in light of the first and second advents of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Evening Sermon Series

During the evening series we are exploring the rich truths of the Christian faith as summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism and revealed in the book of Romans. The catechism was written, in part, along the same general outline of Romans. First, it unpacks humanity’s guilt before a holy God. Second, it reveals the amazing grace of God in the person and work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Finally, it explores how we are to live our lives in gratitude for God’s work for / in / with his saints and his church. We hope that this series will help us gain a more fully-orbed faith in our Triune God which manifests itself in love for him and love for our neighbors.

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