Sunday School will resume in the Fall, 2017.  During the 2016/2017 school year, there were two Adult Sunday School offerings:

64856Peacemaker Adult Sunday School Class: In addition to the regular Adult Sunday School class this Fall, we will be offering the opportunity to go through the Peacemaker Small Group study during the Sunday School hour. This important study in Biblical conflict resolution series goes through a teaching DVD by Ken Sande, and each participant will have an accompanying study guide. If you are interested in going through this study, please sign up on the back table or talk with one of the elders.


Our regular Adult Sunday School Class:
  As Christians, we enjoy the rich assurance of God’s favor through the gospel. Yet we often lack confidence in our ability to engage meaningfully about this good news with family members, co-workers and friends who we wish could share this same hope.

The Adult Sunday School class has begun a new series, which will help us converse with our neighbors and culture in relevant and meaningful ways. Our teaching and stimulating discussions will center on the book, Tactics, by Greg Koukl. Justin Taylor comments: “In this wise and compelling book, Greg Koukl – who has thought long and hard about not only what to say but how to say it – provides a game plan for equipping believers through an artful method of careful thinking and winsome conversation. If you struggle with how to talk about your faith and respond to questions and objections in a meaningful and effective way – and most of us do – there is no better book to buy, read, and put into practice. I could not recommend it more highly!”

Please join us as we grow together in the Faith once for all delivered to the saints.

Adult Sunday School does not meet in the summer.