Covenant Youth

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Sunday School

The youth in our church are catechized by Pastor Tedrick each Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

Classes do not meet in the summer.




Mid-Week Youth Group

2013-07-27 7879webWe view the youth group as a “means of discipleship.”  This is an opportunity for us to foster three things within our youth: relationships, learning and growth.  We recognize the importance of building relationship with youth and of youth with one another.  However, we do not want youth group to be merely a social club or network.  Thus, in addition to developing relationships we want to engage our youth in thinking about things such as: distinguishing between the law and gospel; asking and answering difficult questions regarding the Bible; making wise choices about school, dating, jobs, parents, friends, culture; understanding other religions and cults; interacting thoughtfully with culture; becoming intelligent consumers and dealing with suffering and conflict.  We want our youth group to be a place where our youth can bring their friends from school knowing that they will be loved, respected, and engaged in meaningful discussions.  We want all that we do to be seen in light of the person and work of Jesus Christ.


2013-04-05 2956webThe Youth Group is encouraged to love and serve one another AND encouraged to look beyond their own peer group in terms of loving and serving others in the church and in the community.  During the summer, our youth attend the Reformed Youth Services Convention, where they are able to grow and fellowship with other high school youth from around the country.  In addition, our youth organize and run events to help support and fund their various activities at church including the RYS Convention, mid-winter Winter Park ski trip and mission trips.  Our youth enjoy a monthly movie night together at a local home to help to build strong friendships among each other.

In 2014 Pastor Tedrick will be attending our Youth Group meetings once a month during our regular Wednesday night meetings at 6:30pm.   He will be leading the discussion on a series called “The Art of Argument”.

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